The Pinnacle of Professionalism Since 1946

Sprague Floor Covering services all of New England assisting HEALTHCARE FACILITIES with their critical flooring needs, with over 80 years of flooring experience in upper management we have the expertise and know how to eliminate headaches and stop recurring problems. A full crew of highly trained certified technicians allows us to get the job done right the first time while also focusing on infection control and patient safety.

Our History

Sprague Floor Covering is a 3rd generation family run business. The business was established in 1946 when Herbert Sprague became the first independent flooring retailer in Dover, NH. The company started as a full service flooring retailer and has since evolved into at full service commercial flooring company specializing in the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY.

Herbert Sprague has since passed away, but his values of customer service and taking pride in your work live on through his son and grandson.